About us




About us

ABER Sp. z.o.o. was established in 1991.  We specialize in the sale of grocery and food items as well as logistic services in Poland.  For us, the customer is the most important and therefore our goal is to provide the widest possible product selection at very low prices. Our everyday offer includes numerous promotions and pricing packets.  Working with international corporations renowned Polish manufacturers and local businesses, we offer products of the highest quality.  Currently, we have branches in Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Olsztyn.

Export Offer

We are partners of multinational organizations.  ABER Sp. z o.o. offer the highest quality products and very attractive prices.  We work closely with clients that run leading Polish shops abroad, looking for international partners as well as clients looking for private label manufacturers.  We are ready to fulfill your orders upon receipt with a self pick-up, and organised delivery of products, pallets, lories and containers.  All our transactions can be settled in €, $, PLN or any other convertible currencies. All products meet the regulations of the target markets where they will be sold (packaging/subtitles).  In our extensive product list, we offer: sweets, concentrates, coffee, teas, pasta, rice, sugar, spices, juices, water, beverages, deserts, animal food and products dedicated to wide gastronomy.

In addition, we offer logistic services in Olsztyn and Bydgoszcz.  Our offer includes storage of products in a high-storage warehouse, the collection and delivery to the designated customer.